Top 10 Best Novels in India

Locked up in our home for 3 weeks, I know you already started feeling the boredom, so that is why we brought you the list of Top 10 Best Novels In India or you could say best Indian Romantic Novels.

Yes, these novels revolve around love, romance, affair, and various relationship and all these novels are best novels by Indian authors.

We understand those people are affected the most who are away from their loved ones or lover. Possibly someone is in another city and their lover or family is in another city, especially couples who are away from each other in these tough times. 

To spice up your relationship/chemistry we are suggesting the top 10 best novels in India. 

Almost every novel in this list is romantic and some already 

nominated or won different awards.

The list of top 10 best novels in India are stated below:-

   1) World’s Best Boyfriend 

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Durjoy Datta is one of the finest writers of India. He has written many romantic novels. He also won  Crossword Book Award, 2017 and that’s why his book in this list of Top 10 best novels in India. He is also a great screenwriter and has written four shows out of which one wins an award too. His novels are romantic and revolve around the idea of love. 

Some of his novels also among the list of best Indian novels. 

The author of 14 books has been creating flawed characters with the intensity of tortured Romance. World’s Best Boyfriend is in the list of Top 10 best novels in India because it is not like any other smooth love story.

Here you will find the variation of love between the two main protagonists and how they find out “this is not it”

To find out more read this book and set yourself on a romantic journey.

   2) A Half-Baked Love Story By Anurag Garg

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Anurag Garg is an engineering graduate from Delhi and putting random thoughts he found his passion for writing. His love for nature is immense and impeccable. You could assume that his novels are one of the most romantic books in India. Something is outstanding about this life story which makes it stand in the list of top 10 best novels in India.

This is the story of “Aarav” who is a spoiled rich brat and gets laid with every girl whom he finds attractive enough. But some life turning moments jerk him up to act like a grown-up man. 

This book is one of most favorite novels among Indian readers that is why it is in the list of Top 10 best novels in India. 

This novel revolves around the feeling of love and passion and that’s what makes it more like a romantic novel. Love at first sight, and getting caught while kissing the girl by her father. If you want to know how it ends then read Aarav’s journey to find out.

   3) Lover’s Gift And Crossing By Rabindranath Tagore

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If you’re an Indian then you much have heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore. He was the one who shapes the Bengali literature and also influenced art. He is a popular know and bard of Bengal. You may get surprised by knowing that this book is not a novel but a collection of elegant poems with magical verses. 

This book is in the list of top 10 best novels in India because this book, collection of the poem immensely spark love, romanticism and natural beauty. He became the first non-European person to win the Nobel prize in literature in 1913.

Lover’s Gift And Crossing is one of the best romantic books in India among other fictions and poems. If you have a heart for poetry out if you have read The Prophet By Khalil Gibran then you must read this book for the soothing romance and love.

   4) Wish I Could Tell You By Durjoy Datta

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This novel was released in 2019 and since then it’s satisfying hearts of romantic Indian youths. With 4.5 star rating, this book wins the heart of all readers and that’s why it is in the list of Top 10 best novels on India. 

I assume that this book is one of the best romantic books in India. This love story defines the modern relationship and love based on the interaction of social media before facing each other face to face so this is the reason why it is in the list of Top 10 best novels in India.

In this novel you will find out how two persons from totally different backgrounds interact on social media and then found themselves in real life together but as you know love always brings some difficulties so whether Ananth and Anusha can sustain their relationship. Read this novel and find out. 

   5) YOU WERE MY CRUSH: Till You Said You Love Me!

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The fifth novel of Durjoy Datta, You Were My Crush!, was published by in September of 2011. 

It stands out at the 3rd position of Bestseller list by Hindustan Times.

This is a romantic novel and also a roller coaster ride for your emotions. In this novel, you will find out how much any relationships can be complicated. In my personal opinion, I say that this book in some of the best romantic books in India.

His characters always have some kind of dent and in this one, Benoy a rich stud falls in love at first sight with a girl at college but something keeps them apart from having a fairytale love story. 

What it could be? He is a rich guy who roams in Bentley? To find out the reason we added this novel in the list of Top 10 best novels In India so you can find out the full story and pleasure yourself.

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 6) Ohh Yes, I’m Single: And so is my Girlfriend

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This novel was released in 2010 and I read it back then. This is my favorite among other novels of Durjoy Datta. His idea of love and relationship is defined in this novel more deeply than any other novel. The reason for listing this novel in the top 10 best novels in India is the content and in-depth analysis of the importance of the relationship.

Joy is not a relationship guy. He fell in love with Manika but thinks that she is not the one. But when another girl dumped Joy and he gets into depression but then Manika rescue him to good health but this time she was in a relationship with someone else.

Will Joy understand her love and try to win her back? Or is it late for him to get her back in life? Will he able to sustain this relationship? I guess you have to read and find out yourself.

  7) A Lot Like Love… A Li’l Like Chocolate By Sumrit Shahi

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Sumrit Shahi is one of the influential people in the writing industry. He has written his first novel at age of 17 and ranked under the top 30 rank 30 achievers. He’s a rising personality and that is why there has to be his novel in the list of Top 10 best novels in India. His many shows and serials are co-written by Durjoy Datta have been streamed on television.

I am not a believer in long-distance relationships. In this novel, you will get the reason to be and not to be in a long-distance relationship, especially when you become helpless against each other.

Shadab and Arnika were in love, found each other through Facebook but as time drifts and their life takes turn and questions where started rising on the base of their relationship. To find out whether then can make it or not, you have to read till the end and that is why this book is here in the list of Top 10 best novels in India. 

8) If It’s Not Forever: It’s Not Love By Durjoy Datta

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This novel is set to be an example of long-lasting love. If you ask me, I will say this is the best romantic book in India. Here the story starts when Deb, fortunately, survived a bomb blast. After escaping from that scene with minor injuries he found a diary, a diary of a man in which he used to write about his love.

Let me remind you, this is more than any other novel and while reading this novel you’ll feel a different kind of love and that’s why we include this book in the list of Top 10 best novels in India.

After reading a bit from that diary he decides to complete his love story. So he, his girlfriend and his best friend start this journey with the diary to complete that person’s love story by committing to give the diary to that girl whose lover has died.

Trust me, I would not have listed this book in the list of the Top 10 best novels in India if I didn’t find this enough but it’s something you can’t skip. It leaves a mark on your memory and the way you see the relationship.

 9) That’s the Way We Met By Sudeep Nagarkar

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That’s the way we met, is Sudeep’s second book and soon after the launch it hiked into the best-selling list and become the Bestseller too. After the back to back success of his second book, he decided to quit his job and fully devote his time to writings.

By Forbes India, he has also been ranked in “Top 100 influential celebrities of India of 2014” so on he is here and his book is in the list of Top 10 best novels in India.

This book will take you back to you for love. The romantic scenes and emotions are described so perfectly. The list of Top 10 best novels in India is incomplete without this novel.

How Riya and Aditya never imagined their life without each other but life has different plans for them. Must read this book and find out how a human goes through breakup and helplessness of life. 

In this novel, the author describes the value of relationship and how our first love leaves an impact on our love life. This is one of the most favorite best romantic books. If you want to know whether Aditya and Riya make it at the end, then you have to read this novel.

10) Can Love Happen Twice? By Ravinder Singh

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Ravinder Singh is a software engineer but he quit his job because he found his love for writing and since then he is promising and giving us awesome love stories and novels.

I recommend this novel to be in the list of Top 10 best novels in India. 

This novel is about various relationships. How Ravin and his three friend joins a radios host show to describe and know the details of Ravin’s love story but Ravin did not show up. Instead, they ding a handwritten note of Ravin’s incomplete book.

So his three friends decided to narrate his story on-air and the whole city listened.

This is the most unique novel in the list of Top 10 best novels in India. Ravin’s story was narrated by his friends on-air and while the city becomes a part of it. To know the complete story of Ravin buys this book from the above-given link.

CONCLUSION: We hope that you would have chosen at least a novel which suits your style. If yes, then please let us know in the comments. I urge you all to stay at home, & take every necessary precaution to protect yourself from the exposure of the Corona Virus. Enjoy reading and tell us which novel you liked the most or which one you ordered from the list of Top 10 best novels in India.

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