Should PUBG be banned in India?

PUBG is being associated with violence in India which has raised a question of Should PUBG to be banned in India? Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or I should say “PUBG” is enjoying the limelight since the last few months. We all know about this Battle Royale game, no introduction is required to describe it’s different in-game modes. But due to some unfortunate incidents.

Should PUBG be banned in India?

To get your answer, we should know what has been done by PUBG to get banned in India? Where it is already banned? Why it is banned?
Here you will find the answer to the questions regarding PUBG ban in India.

Where in India PUBG is banned?

In a few cities of Gujrat, playing PUBG is banned like Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot.
PUBG was first banned in Rajkot(Gujrat)
where 10 teenagers were arrested for playing PUBG. After some time of this incident, eight more people were arrested from Ahmedabad and Himmatnagar only for playing PUBG Mobile. Following this, once again three more people were arrested in Ahmedabad for playing PUBG Mobile. All those people and teenagers who were arrested were charged under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Despite the popularity of PUBG, you might be thinking, why PUBG is banned in India, what harm a video game can do. Let me tell you PUBG has been called as addictive, distractive, harmful and even our honourable IT minister of GOA, Rohan Khaunte described it as having demonic nature.

Why PUBG ban in India?

As per the survey for PUBG ban in India, conducted on the mCent browser on its application confirms that out of thousand plus respondents, 62% of cities of India PUBG is banned. After imposing PUBG ban, Police also arrested 10 university students for playing PUBG.

The National Child Rights Commission also shows discouragement towards the game as saying its nature is “violent”.

Many incidents infamous the game and plays a huge role in the prohibition of PUBG in India. Some of the incidents are listed below:

• According to a report, a 20-year-old teenager from Telangana died while playing PUBG Mobile.

• A young boy from Hyderabad died due to serious neck pain as he plays PUBG Mobile constantly for 45 days. Hospital doctors said that playing the game on such a long stretch had put excess stress on his neck which eventually damaged his nerves.

• In the case of a young student, PUBG is said to be the reason behind not qualifying for his pre-university examination. The boy on the answer sheet wrote how to play PUBG instead of answers.

• Abhinav of Ghaziabad, a 15-year-old student of Class X went missing. His father, Rajesh Kumar Jayant reported to the authorities that he was an addictive PUBG player and was brainwashed by one of his teammates to leave the house. Police investigated the matter and concluded that the last time he chatted was with one of his teammates and continued to chat with him using another name.
Source: (News18)

These events provoke the question to ban PUBG in India. Whereas India is not the only country where the question of PUBG ban arises. Many other counties raise the question on PUBG ban and Nepal is also one of them. In Nepal, we can also see the ill effects of PUBG. In fact, the Nepal Supreme Court impose “PUBG ban” on the grounds for not standing under the rules and regulations of their Constitution.

  1. Other cases of PUBG ban in India and other bans.
    In a recent report of BBC, it was confirmed that Tik Tok is causing harmful effects on its users to which Children’s Commissioner of England called authorities for discussion regarding PUBG.
    Similarly, the idea of the prohibition of PUBG in India came into the minds of individuals because of few reports which showed that PUBG Mobile is addictive in nature, responsible for physical abuse, suicide, and divorce in India.

Even after stating the above facts, if you still don’t believe the seriousness of PUBG ban in India, read the following incidents.

• A young man from Madhya Pradesh, while playing PUBG Mobile mistakenly drank Acid instead of water. Later on, he was rushed to hospitals where doctors saved his life and now he is out of danger.

• Two youngsters were knocked down by a train in Maharashtra, as police said because they were engrossed in playing PUBG Mobile. The incident took place at Khatkali Bypass, Hingoli, over 570 kilometres from Mumbai.

Nagesh Gore (24) and Swapnil Annapurna (22) were busy in playing PUBG Mobile near the railway tracks. At night, dead bodies were found by the people of that vicinity. However, report of accidental death has been lodged at Hingoli police station.

• A fitness trainer got addicted to PUBG Mobile and after losing around, he started hitting himself and got injured allegedly. At the hospital, the doctors reported that his mental condition was unstable at the moment. Though he was able to recognize other people his mind was unconscious and was still under the influence of Pubg game.

• Father of a 16-year-old demanded “PUBG ban” as his son hanged himself from the ceiling fan at their residence just because he rebuked his son for playing PUBG all the time and not studying, according to Indian news reports.

The above incidents play a role of oil in the fire, compels the authorities for insisting to prohibit PUBG in India. Many experts of India believe that PUBG is highly addictive and gives rise to violence among those who play it. That’s why experts, officials, and authorities want to ban PUBG in India.

On the other hand of “PUBG ban in India” there is a different perspective. Nonetheless, PUBG is a game and TikTok is a video sharing platform. There is no doubt that it’s the personal choice of the users to use these platforms and express themselves.

In other words, using these applications is one of their fundamental rights. Fundamental Rights of others can only interfere with proper reasons, precise proportion and in a sound manner.

Besides all the incidents responsible for PUBG ban, still, PUBG is ranked as number one of the 20 games by the Nations Online Game Ethics Committee.
PUBG tournament is being organized and sponsored by multinational companies where fans and people come to watch their favourite players from across the globe.

After so many unfortunate incidents, Blue Hole Inc.( developer of PUBG) decided to put light on PUBG Ban in India.

In a statement as published by News18, it was said that PUBG game is solely meant for entertainment purpose and continuously is improving the gameplay time by introducing under age restrictions to maintain the balance between gaming and lifestyle.


The statement also says that PUBG surprised by the ban from the game in few cities and is consistently working to understand the legal basis on the ban while looking further to have a constructive dialogue with officials and authorities to know the cause of PUBG ban. Not only do they urge for the legality of “PUBG ban” but also assure the gamers not to worry as they will try their best to find a reasonable solution of PUBG ban in India very soon.

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