Make In India Group Discussion topic (GD Topic/Essay) (2019)

On 15th August 2014, the honourable Prime minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort established the first step to a great campaign and that day you must have heard him say something like, “come in India, sell anywhere, but make in India.” Mr Modi, on that day, took a lion step towards the future of India and put the foundation stone of the “Make in India” campaign. Many of you know what “Make in India” campaign but also many of you don’t know the real meaning and motive behind the campaign.

Undoubtedly “Make in India” not only open thousands of bright and fruitful opportunities for the Indians but it also helped the small scale businessmen and entrepreneurs to function and perform with more ease on the market.

• What is Make In India and What is the aim?

Make In India is a national level campaign that tends to focus on improvement of physical infrastructure and also the digital network telecommunication to make India one of the global hubs among the other manufacturing countries in the world.

Make in India campaign is not less than a lion step because it does not promise to develop few industries but more than 20+ industries and sectors of our economy which are included are Sports, Information Technology, Textiles, Automobiles, Thermal, Biotechnology, Wellness, Renewable energy, Tourism, Minning, Entertainment, Defence, Construction, Chemicals, Railways, Roads and highways,, Leather, Ports and many others industries which are under the shadow of Make in India campaign. The most pivotal aim of the Make in India campaign is to make India an investment hub with dedicated investment in the manufacturing industry and also to focus on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). You may have heard Mr Modi saying FDI means “First Develop India”.

• Reasons, why the Make in India campaign is an important step towards increasing our country’s economy, are :-

a) More job opportunities,

One of the most crucial aspects of Make in India is to develop more job opportunities for the youth of India. More job opportunities would result in ease toward the goal of making India a manufacturing hub.

b) Development of Domestic Brand Values,

Make In India is the shot in the arm for small scale businessman and entrepreneurs. Multinational foreign companies investing in the domestic brands of India lead to the development of more domestic brand values.

c) Advancement of Technologies,

Being a developing country, India still uses microwave based relay system for transferring messages and data but luckily India in moving towards fibre-optics transmissions. The credit of which goes to the Make In India campaign for opening new opportunities for the development of telecommunication technologies.

d) Ease of Business,

Make in India campaign invites foreign investors to invest in the manufacturing sector of our economy which adds more values and revenues to the small scale businessmen and local industries. On the scale of ease of doing business, India was lagging behind and was on the 130th position among other nations but due to the Make in India campaign, India is now crawling up on the list.

e) Growth in Rural Areas,

Make in India opens doors for manufacturing industries which means new factories or a plant set up in the rural areas is proving beneficial in the development of the quality of life for the public along with the growth of a rural area.

• Reasons against Make in India.

a) Wastage of Land,

Most of the land in India is arable. Some reports say that 60% of India’s land is arable and good for cultivation. Any company which would establish their factory in India will ultimately lead to wastage of the arable land.

b) Underestimation of Agricultural aspects,

Majority of Indian economy depends on the agriculture sector and due to Make in India campaign agriculture sector is getting affected adversely. Rapid establishments of factories and industries lead to instant replenishment of the cultivable land.

c) Exhaustion of Natural Resources,

The primary objective of Make in India campaign is to promote and develop manufacturing industries and it is only possible by establishing more plants and factories. Generally, this type of huge projects consumes land, water etc on a very large scale depleting the natural resources of the country.

d) Execution of Small Industries,

In Make in India campaign, engulfing of foreign industries leads to the development of manufacturing sectors and at the same time it lures the potential customers to work with international companies instead of domestic companies.

e) Pollution,

Make in India is a dynamic campaign so it also affects the natural environment tremendously. 76.50 is the pollution index of India and in a few years, it’s going to be worse because of establishments of more and more factories and industries under Make in India campaign.

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