Does engineering in India have any scope?

 Well, let me start this way. I give you two words and ask you to correlate them and let’s see what comes in your mind. “Scope and Engineering”.

engineering scope in india 2017

Sounds like “WOW!!!What a COMBINATION””.

When we think about this statement “Does engineering in India have any scope?

Engineering in India where there are thousands of colleges with their articles in the newspapers all saying “THEY ARE THE BEST”. Which actually confuses you what exactly is the best? After all, why compromise with our life. Confusion hits you right back when your dad is fed up and complains about the inbox of his mail and messages being full of invites from colleges you don’t even know and when it comes to decision making you land into loads of tension. STRESS WHICH YOU CAN’T TAKE.

engineering scope india To make it easy for you, we have come up with this article. It will help you take good decisions for opting engineering in India. Most of the students choose engineering because of lack of judgment about a career. Need to choose engineering or medical after schooling.? Have no idea whether there is any scope of engineering in India. So here we are to discuss what actually is engineering or is there any scope in engineering now a days. We did a survey were we talked to a lot of qualified people and you won’t believe the feedback was horrible!!!!!!!

You think only IIT’s and NIT’s provide good engineering. You will never prefer private colleges because you think private colleges in simple words means NO FUTURE. Maximum people think there is no scope of engineering in India, First let me share some information with you guys.15 lakh students passed out every year in India and just a few of them got the job in campus selection very few of them got off campus. 73 % of billionaires are self-made, 18 % of them had no college degree or dropouts.


A man who faced failure several time, tried three times for top university but all in vain and he also tried ten times for Harvard University but of no use, but still didn’t lose hope and you will be surprised to know who that guy is. He is Jack Ma CEO of the Alibaba group. Alibaba market value was $212 billion at the end of 2015 and it became the largest retailer in the world.

Reality (engineering scope)

You need to know that top university doesn’t matter, what matters is what you want to do, what you inspire for. Indian Engineering institutions produce so many graduates but companies often complain that they are not getting the talent which is required for fresher level jobs.

True facts about engineering scope in India

To be honest maximum engineers are not appropriate. Maximum colleges give theoretical education but when engg comes to practical knowledge no one knows a shit about it. Any college is not liable of what you learn from it.

Top academics and good grades definitely is a good platform for engineering and science student.

it’s just another false belief that only IITians and NITians do well in life. Its a true fact that everyone can’t get into an IIT or NIT. These IITs and NITs do top the list but there is no doubt that there are many other private colleges in INDIA that are also on the list and are producing great results. Because ultimately it’s not just the TAG but also the teaching and learning process which matters.


it depends on you, how you want to explore it. GRAB IT OR LEAVE IT.

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