How to prepare one day before exam ?

“EXAMS” The scary word for most of us at least and I am pretty sure that most of the people reading this article would be in my favor when I say EXAM PREPARATION- ONLY LAST MINUTE.

The day before the exam, I know most of the people would be giggling reading, The above sentence as at one point in or lives everyone has experienced.This last moment pressure when an exam is on top of our heads and we are completely blank about what is to be done.

Hard work always pays off and there is no substitute for it but when the exams are right in front you. When it comes to preparation one day before the exam and you have done nothing all that comes in your mind is how to clear that subject.

Things to do before exam

  • Obviously studying every single word at the last moment or before the exam is impossible and also useless as everything is not important.
  • Our brain finds easy to recognized sound image and textures. So first you have to do is to choose the important topics. Mine mapping and drawing make easy to remember.
  • Collect previous years question papers from seniors.
  • Refer to the latest edition of question bank of previous exams (as the trend keeps changing) see what has been asked in recent years more frequently and mark the chapters which carry maximum weight.
  • Questions and trends are often repetitive when it comes to University exams. Going through those you will get an idea about the important stuff and study the relevant topics. Or if that also seems difficult go through only the question papers of at least last 20 years properly and I think that would be enough for you to at least clear the paper easily.

Take small naps, it’s very important  because it helps  refresh and activate your mind.

Exam hall tips

Now when it comes to writing answers in the exam the way you present your answers matters a lotBe as clear and precise as possible. Evaluator has lots of papers to correct. He will definitely not prefer sitting and reading long essays. Write in points rather than paragraphs. Apart from looking neat it will also save your time as well as fetch you good marks as it would be easy for the reader to find out the important points in your answer. If you have a little more time you can go on fighting the important points.

So ultimately all I have to say is go for smart learning and be as neat and clear as possible. Don’t go for writing fairy tales. Trust me it really works. So all the best for all you guys preparing for exams. Don’t worry as all what you have to do is follow at least the above-mentioned properly. NO OTHER WAY CAN BE AS EASY as it is mentioned above. GOOD LUCK.