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By the time you are reading this article, it is obvious that your CA foundation 2020 exams are very close especially of May. We all know the syllabus of CA exams has been updated by ICAI and so many professors are baffled to recommend which book as a reference for the CA Foundation 2020 exams. This article is dedicated to CA Foundation 2020 May exams so guys, don’t worry. I handpicked reference books of  CA foundation 2020 May exam for you.

Passing the CA foundation 2020 May exams will be your entry in the CA course. This article will guide you to achieve your goals.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 are:

1. Principles and Practices of Accounting.

To be a Chartered Accountant you have to be as fluent as your name with Accounting. On CA Foundation 2020 exams, you will learn the basics principles of Accountancy, Debit, and credit, Types of Accounts, Preparation of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account as per their schedule.

Here are the reference books of CA foundation 2020 for Accountancy.

   (a) Grewal’s Accountancy


This book is specially compiled for the thorough knowledge of Principles and Practices of Accounting. The contents of the book are updated and remodeled for the CA foundation 2020 exams. 500+ object type questions for better understanding, 300+ illustrations with text to help the understanding level of students with Almost 200 numerical problems. Approximately 150 theoretical questions were covered too for the theory portion.

Many users said it is “awesome” and “great for study purpose” under the review section.

   (b) Taxmann’s CRACKER-Principles & Practice of Accounting (2nd Edition January 2020)


Taxman’s book for Accounting is a must for revision. This is a cracker book and it has past solved question papers for the utmost preparation for the examination. This book helps you to crack the CA foundation 2020 May exams.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 The key features are:

   • Short notes.

   • Theoretical questions.  

   • True and false questions.

   • Mark wise distribution of chapters.

This book is great for last-minute revision and glance before going to the examination hall.

2. General Economics

Law is one of the core subjects on CA Foundation 2020 because you will learn it more profoundly at the Intermediate level. 

CA foundation law deals with basic facts and terms. The books which are stated below are handpicked among the best reference books. 

   (a) Business Economics by Shiv Kumar Agarwal.


This book is precisely crafted for the CA foundation 2020 May exam. Written neatly and so self-explanatory in such a way that you would not need to refer any other books. This book contains multiple-choice questions too.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 the key feature of this book is:

   • 375+ multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter &

 • 650+ multiple-choice questions at the end of the book for strengthening the concepts. 

   (b) Taxmann’s CRACKER-Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge (January 2020 Edition).


Taxman’s book is precisely crafted for the CA foundation 2020 exams. This book is very helpful in revision the syllabus because the chapters are divided into sub-chapters for better understanding.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 the key feature of this book is:

   • Conceptual wise chapter.

   • Coverage of past examination questions.

   • Questions added as per ICAI material.

   • Marks distributed as per chapters.

3. Mercantile Laws.

If you are a commercial or a political person then you already understand what the economy means to our life. On the other hand, if you are from commerce background then you know the economy is the lifeblood of finance. In CA foundation 2020 you will learn about the basic concepts and policies of economics.

   (a) Business Legislation for Management by M.C. Kuchhal.


Sir M C Kuchhal has years and years of experience in the field of economics. This is book is purposely combined for helping the students to understand economic policies. Sir MC Kuchhal makes economics easier for the student to understand it by expressing the legal economic policies most simply and easily. This book surely helps you to understand the economic policies required for the CA foundation 2020 exam.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 the key feature of this book is:

   • Case studies.

   • Illustrations for the concept.

   • Updated Acts with circulars.

   • Amended policies with notes.

    (b) Taxmann’s CRACKER-Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting (2nd Edition January 2020)


Taxmann books are very much helpful for the CA foundation 2020 May exam. With this book, last-minute revision and glance for the conceptual understanding can be done easily. This book is highly recommended to you for the CA foundation 2020 May exam.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 the key feature of this book is:

   • Updated with applicable amendments.

   • Case studies and illustrations based examples.

   • Covered past exam question papers.

   • Updates with business circulars.

4. Quantitative Aptitude.

This subject would be difficult for those students who are not from commerce background. Quantitative aptitude consists of mathematical questions. It has chapters like Permutation and combination, Profit and loss, Simple interest and Compound interest and other and other topics. Some chapters are big and vast like Calculus, Logarithms and Binomial Theorem. So a reference book is highly recommended for this subject especially for CA foundation 2020

Some of the books for CA foundation are:

   (a) Quantitative Aptitude for CA-CPT


On the list of reference books for CA foundation 2020, this book is a must. Which conceptual based learning illustrations provide a white perspective to understand the numerical problems.

Book For CA Foundation 2020 the key features of this book: 

   • 3500 + multiple-choice questions.

   • Step by step solved numerically.

   • Solved explanation of concepts.

   • Prepared for better understanding.

   (b) Taxmann’s CRACKER-Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning & Statistics (January 2020 Edition)


For any subject taxman’s cracker is a must book. It has to be in the list of reference books for the CA foundation 2020 May exams. This is one of the best books for multiple questions and a better understanding. If you aim for the CA Foundation May 2020 exam then you must go for this book because I know how hard mathematical questions could for some students.


The above-mentioned books are just for reference. To clear the CA Foundation 2020 exams you must refer to the ICAI Material first then any other reference book. Surely the above-stated books will help you to enhance your knowledge of every subject. All the very to best everyone who is appearing in the CA Foundation May 2020 exams. These books can also be referred for November examinations with updated circulars and amendments.

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