Advantages And Disadvantages of Youth in Politics in India

Advantages And Disadvantages of Youth in Politics in India

The political system needs youth in politics !!

It’s a big question as to why the youth of our country is not participating in politics.

According to the current data we have, the present scenario of Indian politics is such that we are not seeing youth participate in politics. The reason behind this can be a fact that politics need experience. Aged people are tagged to have better and more experience which plays a very good role to participate or be in any field whether its politics, jobs, businesses, etc.

But this is partially correct. Logically speaking experience does not come on its own. It’s only when you begin with something new and practice it for a while and knowing the in and out of the subject is what makes you experienced in that area. It also has a beginning. So, relatively you start at some point or the other. Then again this question arises as to why the youth is reluctant in taking part in it? Is it because the youth is not aware of the fact of politics? Well, if that would have been the case the youth would not at all be interested in politics but that is not so. As per our survey about politics, the youth in colleges and universities to take part in campaigns and rallies. It means that they are showing their interest in rallies, campaigns and stage shows. So this enhances the youth interest in politics. The young generation is voluntarily and enthusiastically taking interest in education, health, monetary, research, etc but if we talk about political education, the monetary policies of India, the interest of young generation is very less. This is due to unlikeliness and ignorance towards this direction which is more than compared to any other profession.

Youth in politics in India:-

Today India has very young democracy as 50per cent of the population is not even 25 years of age and 65per cent of the population have not even crossed an age of 35 years. As per the data of 2014, it says that India elects the oldest Cabinet and the parliament. Only 12 (MPs) Member of Parliament are below 30 years of age. The ratio of young and old in the country is that young have a higher ratio than the aged but in politics its the vice versa i.e. you would see more of old people than young. Therefore the youth must participate in politics balance out this ratio. The youth interested in politics should definitely think of taking politics as their profession and work in the right direction for the betterment of the society.

This will always have a plus point as the youth will often analyse things properly. As they lack experience in the area, their minds would be fresh and they would be able to give a better outlook towards various matters of concern. As a result, we would get new ways to examine things, get some new ideas as to how to deal with a certain topic, innovative ideas for the betterment of the society. Hence it is really important for youth to understand this and realize how badly our country needs to enhance itself on the political front. And for this, we definitely need some strong and energetic hands of young people who would be able to easily uplift the current status and scenario of Indian Politics. If we demand betterment we should accordingly show active participation.

Let’s decode the politics in India:-

In India nepotism plays a very vital role in joining politics i.e. it becomes easier for any person coming from a political background to easily enter politics. They don’t face much difficulty as his/her predecessor has already paved a platform for them to walk on, making things easier for them. But if they do not have any such political background selection and entry to politics becomes easier if they are already a public figure having a huge fanbase as getting votes would be easier.

Irrespective of the fact of having knowledge about politics and how the system works the parties choose people who are popular. It can be anybody either great Bollywood divas or a sportsperson who will easily get acknowledged by the crowd. So it becomes a win-win situation for the parties.

Now coming to education and competition, India hosts one of the toughest examinations known as UPSC, where people fight with their potential to get into it. It is not only the subjective and general knowledge of the person which is put to test. There is a complete scan of the entire personality of the person. The way the person speaks or behaves or how intellectual he or she is, the moral values and the ethics, and how emotionally and mentally strong the person is – all this is put to test, judged and the best are selected. They are then trained in every way possible and then are they given the duty to serve the country. So they fit appropriately to join the Indian politics. But instead of joining and playing from the forefront they have often placed a step down into becoming the working hands of the political leaders and rulers who lead our country. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to establish one’s position in politics.

Probably, they put all their efforts to get into the pol. Now, this is not enough. Whoever wins the pol runs the democracy for the people and is selected by the people. So in order to get a position, you continuously need to work hard towards the progress of the country. Only then will people notice you and vote for you. Basically, Indian politics has become a platform to run the million and thousands of people’s lives which is a great now the youth should show interest in politics and also as to how new and fresh minds can bring drastic changes in the customary format as to how this country is run. It’s actually a good platform to showcase your talent to the people where there is an appreciation for all the good and different you do.


Change the mindset of people that to grab the function and run the politics and the system can only be done by experienced people. It is not only the old and not only the young. There has to be a balance, a collaboration of young and old which will give a better growth to our country.

How can youth bring a change?

India is changing very rapidly with the young idea or without the young idea, it doesn’t matter. Then, how should youth participate to change the country? If youth participates in politics their minds are filled with energy, innovative ideas and passion to bring a change. The role of youth in politics should start only when they are taught about They should be enlightened about the reservation for youth, educate them about the role of the parliament the rules and regulations and the functioning of the parliament. The social media also helps a lot to know about politics. Today the young generation is not limited to doing subjective and theoretical work. They are actively coming forward to work practically through projects, campaigns, research and ideas which relatively enhance the politics to grow.

The youth often creates ideas with the help of experienced people or under the guidance of them as to become like them and be a part of this system. So, old and young make a great combination to develop the country and that’s why we need youth in politics. The participation of youth in politics enhance the politics wherever old or experience run it into the flow. The youth should always take action in politics.
So if you want to change, be the change.


Advantages of Youth in Politics in India

  • The youth gives an instant and energetic result.
  • The decision making of the youth is effective as compared to experienced ones because they differ a lot in their thinking. Their decisions bring immediate results.
  • The youth fond of politics and parliamentary stuff are familiar with the profession.
  • The young generation does the practical work more than theoretical work. It gives a more effective result.

Disadvantages of Youth in Politics in India

  • The experience plays a vital role in any field.
  • The young generation’s interest in politics less than that experienced ones.
  • The political power is not so easy to achieve. It takes a lot of time and effort to come into public demand.
  • The experienced person has the knowledge to face the problems whereas youth is completely unknown about the problem and is new to the system. So it takes a lot of time for the youth to understand the functioning of the system and implement accordingly.
  • The decisions youth take maybe a little impulsive at times which might or might not have the surety of benefitting the country at times.

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