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Admission in Engineering : Choose what ‘good’ branch or college?

Admission in Engineering!!!! Confused?????

What do you want to choose- A “good branch ” or a “good college”??
This is the biggest confusion most of you face after clearing the 12th Board Examination. One question which keeps revolving in all your minds is WHAT NEXT?
First thing for deciding what you want to do in future is done on what you like and what you choose – SCIENCE, ARTS or COMMERCE. But the questionnaire does not end here. The real problem starts after this. So today we are going to deal with a few problems, the majority of us suffer while taking admission in engineering.

Which branch would be perfect for me when I am ready to take admission in engineering?


Well by looking at the flowchart given above, many of us would opt for those branches which have the highest statistics. If you are opting for a branch like CSE or ECE just because they have higher statistics and not thinking about where your interest lies, then my friend you are not taking the right decision. Choosing a branch is all about WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN FUTURE WHEN YOU ARE TAKING ADMISSION IN ENGINEERING.

. A simple graph or someone’s opinion does not matter. What matters is where your interest lies. Chose what you love to do.

Which branch would be perfect for me? This question must be bothering you if you are thinking of taking admission in engineering. Most of us tend to make a decision by looking at other people in their neighborhood or in which branch they are more likely to earn good money.

But the truth is that no branch is bad. Your future depends directly on your interest. How far can you take yourself in a particular branch? If you are invested in it, you fill focus more on it. Give extra input, come out different ideas and do the best you can. All these will never happen if you are forced into something. Truly speaking, even if people say it gets you more money, you will not be able to make such because you are not putting in any effort.
Another important thing is that once you take admission in a particular branch, and you are still doubtful about it, you still have a chance. If you want, you can change your branch in the second year. It is called lateral entry (but there are many terms and condition applied). You get this facility at the college level. One more thing that is worth mentioning is that after spending some time in college, you better understand about your interests and which branch you are more interested in.
It is, therefore, better that before you enroll in the college, your mindset should be clear of what you want to do.

Should a slightly better college be enrolled for a ‘good branch’?

Again, would like to repeat the same point about what do you mean by a good branch?
It’s not that any particular branch is good or bad. Maybe the branch that is bad for you is like a dream for someone else. In such a situation, choosing a good college plays a very important role.
It’s very simple. In a good college, you get good trained and experienced professors, a good atmosphere, a good library and most importantly good labs with better equipment.
You can also understand this as to whether you can compare the facilities available in IIT with the facilities available in a private college? cannot do! There are also many examples of people who have achieved a bigger position by studying from a minor to college. It may also have happened that someone might have achieved a big position, but what if he was in a good college then he would have done something bigger! So, the college perspective is also important.

One more thing that you should not ignore.

It may be that some years later your branch is not mentioned. Everything you do would depend on your work during the years, but the name of your college will always remain the same.
It is very likely that your perspective of life can change with time. Few people who have done engineering are not compulsorily doing a job. Some are writers, someone is working with the casting director in Mumbai and not some are doing the MBA etc.
Ultimately engineering the branch, the college the kind of life you want to choose all depends on you.
The motto of writing this article was to help you get a clear idea of how to choose one and not just choose anything just because someone told you to or you saw something anywhere.


If you have any career related questions you are always welcome to write to us in the comment box below. We will ty to help you in the best possible way we can.

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