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About us (Enggbaba)

For all those visitors who have already planned to become an engineer and also those who are still not sure about becoming one.  we are here to help you out to know better about a thing which you always hear from almost 90% of the people around you “ENGINEERING”.
Your friends and family ask you to become an engineer. Or you must have heard success stories of people doing great after engineering. But the fact is that “Does anyone actually tell you what exactly ENGINEERING is”?
Do you feel confident when you hear the word engineering and think of opting it as a career? Are you still in the state of confusion? We are here to help. To tell you the deeper meaning of “ENGINEERING” and trust us it is much more than just “PHYSICS” and “MATHEMATICS”, accompanied by humongous amount of “ FUN”

Our team will help you out through personal experiences, ordinary facts, and reality-based articles. Our motive is to bring confused students out of the illusions that are created by fake attractions.

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